The Cause

As you read this, even more people are dying in Nepal. Lack of shelter, clean water, food and sanitation, affect so many of the poorest Nepali citizens, Already deprived from a very deficient economy, the recent earthquakes and landslides have created a situation that is “mission critical”. With monsoon season now started, events have taken a terrible turn for the worse, and unless we step up and help, the forecast is gloomy for this wonderful little country. Tourism is virtually non-existent, so even those who have survived now find themselves completely without work, since so much of Nepal is directly or indirectly dependent on this source of income.

Read this poem composed for Nepal and performed at the recent Vive Nepal Benefit Concert in Toronto.


Wendy Leroux is a Canadian woman married to Buddhi Parajuli, a Nepali paragliding pilot. They have lived peacefully in Nepal for several years. With the current situation, they have decided to undertake a Canada-wide tour to help Nepal through fundraising and also to promote the local Nepali tourism industry. Their goal is a simple one, but with limited resources they are seeking assistance to attain it.


Please do consider supporting this worthwhile cause!


Various Airbnb hosts who will host Wendy & Buddhi at no charge throughout Canada.

Many unnamed others who have donated or pledged their assistance

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